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Processes in Website and Application Development

Almost all top most companies engaged in the field of software development follow best practices followed in the field of software engineering.The solution provided by McDaav Systems is based upon the Rational Unified Process and we follow UML 2.0 specification while doing System Analysis.

Mcdaav Systems follows IEEE standards while designing the system. We deliver the project with full documentation which helps our client in understanding all the details of the Softwares.

Project Flow

System Analysis

Systems analysis is the science dealing with analysis of complex, large scale systems and the interactions within those systems. We have a talented team of System Analysts who does requirement analysis, business analysis and system analysis so that all the requirements of the stakeholders can be properly identified and documented so that the designing team can efficiently works on the proposed project.

The very first step is to do the Requirement Analysis of the proposed problem.

Requirement Analysis

The purpose of the Requirements discipline is:

  • To establish and maintain agreement with the customers and other stakeholders on what the system should do.
  • To provide system developers with a better understanding of the system requirements.
  • To define the boundaries of (delimit) the system.
  • To provide a basis for planning the technical contents of iterations.
  • To provide a basis for estimating cost and time to develop the system.
  • To define a user-interface for the system, focusing on the needs and goals of the users.

System Designing

We have a dedicated group of system developers who works on J2EE platform, Dot NET platform. Our Database designers works on MS Access, SQL Server, Oracle and DB2.
Systems design is the process or art of defining the hardware and software architecture, components, modules, interfaces, and data for a computer system to satisfy specified requirement. One could see it as the application of system theory to computing. Some overlap with the discipline of system analysis appears inevitable.

Steps taken while Designing the Proposed Project are as under:

Use Case Analysis
Use Case Design
Class Analysis
Class Design
Database Design
Design Of User Interface
Design Element Identification
Design Mechanism Identification
Incorporate Existing Design Element
Operation Analysis
Operation Design
Prototype Design
System Design

Unit testing of the software is done by the designers so that our clients get error free software products.

System Testing

The Test discipline acts as a service provider to the other disciplines in many respects. Testing focuses primarily on evaluating or assessing Product Quality,which is realized through these core practices:

  • Validate that the software product works as designed.
  • Validate that the requirements are implemented appropriately.
  • A good test effort is driven by questions such as:
  • How could this software break?
  • In what possible situations could this software fail to work predictably?

Test challenges the assumptions, risks, and uncertainty inherent in the work of other disciplines, and addresses those concerns using concrete demonstration and impartial evaluation. You want to avoid two potential extremes:
an approach that does not suitably or effectively challenge the software, and exposes its inherent problems or weaknesses an approach that is inappropriately negative or destructive - adopting such a negative approach, you may find it impossible to consider the software product of acceptable quality and could alienate the Test effort from the other disciplines

Testing software is very difficult. How do you quantify the different ways in which a given program can behave?


After completion of the project and doing User Acceptance Testing the whole software setup is installed on the user?s site as per the instruction mentioned by the client at the beginning of the software development.

Implementation follows the following steps :

Analyze Run Time Behavior
Execute Developer tests
Implement Design Element
Integrate SubSystem
Integrate System

Verification of Hardware and Softwares on the Client's site.

The purpose of implementation is:

  • define the organization of the code, in terms of
  • implementation subsystems organized in layers
  • implement the design elements in terms of implementation elements (source files, binaries, executable programs, and others)
  • test the developed components as units
  • integrate the results produced by individual implementers (or teams), into an executable system


Software maintenance is the process of enhancing and optimizing deployed softwar, as well as remedying defects. Software maintenance is one of the phases in the software development process and follows deployment of the software into the field.

The software maintenance phase involves changes to the software in order to correct defects and deficiencies found during field usage as well as the addition of new functionality to improve the software's usability and applicability

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Surefire Website Development Tips to Get Your Site Start Earning

When you want to push your site to don the most discriminating and discerning look and feel, you ought to plan out of the box website development strategies. It is every web master's dream to get their websites to stand out from the crowd and competition in respective niche. When it stands out and stands alone in order to grab more viewers' attention, you have to pay attention to the minutest details to your website.

Landing page shouldn't be overly showy - A landing page is the first page and prelude to your website. Many people tend to make it vibrant and attractive by inputting catchy graphics, inviting texts like "Welcome to the site" etc., however, these pages have little uses except introducing the site in a presentable manner. Moreover visitors who are sucker for real information tend to skip this page as soon as possible. So, use landing page as an introduction to your site by giving petite cues about your site without making it too heavy to get loaded or too flashy.

Avoid excessive banner advertisements - Most of the visitors are being put off by flashy marketing banner ads and they simply distract to other pages or places of the site to avoid these. When your viewers are willing to avoid them, then you should too, otherwise, they are likely to walk away from your site. One of the most effective website development tool is to feed your visitors with information without pressurizing them to clink on banner ads on your sites.

Clear navigation is the key - Website development pros give clear navigation high importance as this opens up avenues to visitors' ultimate destinations. Moreover, search engine spiders index those pages at the top ranks that are easily navigable from the home page. Hence, develop an uncluttered menu, a properly designed site map page showing hierarchy of the site, may keep a drop-down menu at each page along with main navigational menu for making visitors reaching at the destination within minimum clicks.

To make your site encourage people visiting it, staying there for a prolonged period and find out something extra - make sure you have added extra attention to these points.

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Web Development: The Mother of Ecommerce

With the growth in web development there have been many businesses and organizations who have hired an in-house webmaster to manage the growth and direction of their business website. Some of these developers are making a significant salary.

Most successful online firms have concluded this is the new ‘business as usual’. The site looks good and is functioning well. The webmaster is on call to work through any difficulties the may arise with the site.

The webmaster may be in charge of improving Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and they may be working with a freelance or in-house writer to accomplish the goals of the company.

The difficulty many online businesses encounter is they typically have limited start-up capital and the hiring of a full-time in-house webmaster may result in the demise of the company from a financial perspective.

The primary impetus of any online business is to keep costs low and hope for a significant volume of customer orders. If the product is highly unique it may be possible to sell fewer items at a higher profit margin. This is an important concept in online marketing simply because it has a determinant factor in the way you develop and optimize your site.

If you are one of the many netrepreneurs that would like to learn to crawl before you walk or run then you might want to consider an integrated solution that places you in the drivers seat in terms on site development.

It is possible to develop a website that includes all the things you will need for ecommerce without the need for a webmaster. This strategy is possible even if you have no previous experience in web development.

By taking a highly detailed route through web development on your own through an ecommerce solution you can literally have a business website up and running the same day.

This solution also provides a sense of empowerment because the step-by-step process allows you to have full control over site functionality. You can customize the look and feel of the site and have satisfaction in knowing you are in control of the process.

Web development doesn’t have to be a mystery that only a select few can unravel. The process of developing a business website has become streamlined. The result is proving to be a boon to netrepreneurs with big ideas and limited income. If necessity is the mother of invention than website development tools is the mother of ecommerce success.

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